Webinar: How to Break Down Functional Silos

Silos work against a culture of collaboration. Training in truly collaborative processes, tools and skills can help teams work together better, but it won’t eliminate silos. Operating cross-functionally is a must if you want to deliver strategy and serve your customers and clients. If leaders want to eliminate silos and create a culture of success, they will need to address the root causes. 

In this webinar, Cathy Cassidy, Managing Director of the Matrix Management Institute offers insight into the real causes behind a common matrix challenge – cooperating across functions. She’ll also share a case study of how this shows up and affects an organization and will offer new rules for operating that can help you eliminate the silos and improve cooperation and collaboration across functional areas. 

You'll Learn:

  • How silos negatively affect the organization and its individuals
  • How the operating system is a root cause of this challenge
  • 3 rules for eliminating silos completely