Webinar: Too Much To Do, Too Little Resources

Does this sound like your organization?

If your organization has too many strategic objectives, projects or initiatives and not enough resources to execute them all properly, you may actually be operating improperly in a matrix structure.

In this first webinar kicking off our summer series, master level consultant Cathy Cassidy covers this common symptom that may indicate that how you operate your organization needs to change. 

She reviews the real causes of having too much to do and not enough resources, and offers ideas for moving your matrix operations from inefficient to efficient using the best operating system tools and management systems available for today’s matrix organizations.

You'll Learn:

  • The root causes of having too much to do without the neccessary resources
  • How operations are impacted and what the business ramifications are when the root causes are not addressed
  • What needs to change in the organization to effectively improve its operations