restructure roadmap

For Initiative Leaders, Organization Development, HR, Learning & Development

If you’ve dealt with restructures, you know the confusion they cause:

  • People don’t understand their new roles
  • They don’t know how to work across functional or business unit boundaries
  • They don’t know how to lead if they don’t have authority
  • They don’t know which boss to listen to
  • They’re scared by all the changes they need to make
  • They don’t know what a true collaborative process looks like because they don’t have the skills.

This is why you need a restructure roadmap.

To pick up where the consultants have left off:

  • Find out what’s changing and the new rules of the game
  • Map business processes that are affected and redefine accountability
  • Prepare leaders for their new role
  • Prepare everyone to work together in the new structure

Let’s design your Restructure Roadmap together