White Paper Download: A New Approach to Restructuring

Effectively Restructuring a Matrix Organization

by Cathy Cassidy, Managing Director & Paula K. Martin, CEO, International Matrix Management Institute

Successfully restructuring a matrix organization requires a shift in thinking, and a team-based organizational design roadmap that ensures alignment to the most important sectors of the organization.

In our white paper, "A New Approach to Restructuring," we discuss the necessary steps for a successful restructuring initiative:

  1. To make organizational changes, you need to look at the organization from a two-dimensional perspective where the horizontal dimension is more important than the vertical.
  2. Every organization needs an up-to-date organizational operating system (OS) in order to be effective and efficient. The OS matters more than the organizational structure.
  3. Change is more effective when it first affects the areas where your organization needs improvement most. Diagnostic tools can help determine and accurately target those most critical areas.


MMI roadmap restructuring.png